Important information

Head of the Consular section: Alexey ABRAMOV 

Address: Povšetova 40, Ljubljana 1000

Tel.: + 386 1 432 90 31, + 386 1 425 41 42

GSM for calls in emergency situations: + 386 3 172 66 04

Fax: + 386 1 425 41 41


Working hours: 

Monday – Friday:   8.30 - 11.00

Service for filling in the visa application form 

Important note: in Ljubljana works Russian visa center .

In order to improve the quality of service for applicants applying for a visa to enter the Russian Federation, in the consular district of the Russian Embassy in Slovenia operates the Russian visa center.

From January 21, 2019, Interlink Service has been performing the functions of a Russian visa application center in Slovenia and is the only institution authorized by the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Slovenia to receive documents for issuing visas to Russia.

Russian visa center «Interlink Service» is located at: Smartinska cesta 106, 1000 Ljubljana. For more information about its work, please visit or call +386 40 557 217.

The main goal of the center is to speed up and simplify the procedure for obtaining a visa, create the most comfortable conditions for applicants, explain to them the rules of entry and stay in the Russian Federation, check the completeness of documents that are the basis for issuing a visa, and represent the interests of applicants at the consulate when submitting (receiving) documents on their behalf.

The decision to issue or refuse to issue a visa, as well as the processing the visa and issuing it to foreigners remains the prerogative of Consular section of the Embassy.

For applicants is kept the possibility of a direct appeal to the Consular section of the Embassy with the purpose of filing documents for a visa. This is possible through the process of preliminary electronic registration in order to get the date and time of visit. For this purpose works the website:

In order to exclude cases of fraud with the pre-registration system, the Consular section of the Embassy accepts documents only from those people whose personal data was entered into the system during the registration of the application. In case of discrepancy of the information specified in the system with the data of the applicant, whose documents are submitted to the Consular section, they won’t be accepted. One time slot provides the possibility of submitting only one set of documents.

If you have complaints about the work of the visa center, or suggestions for improving its work, you can send it by email to the Consular section of the Embassy:

For holders of diplomatic and official passports visas are issued only directly in the Consular section of the Russian Embassy in Slovenia.